Pottawatomie County Treasurer
Wendy Magnus

325 N. Broadway Ste. 203 Shawnee, OK 74801
Phone: 405-273-0213
Fax: 405-275-8644
Email: noreply@pottcotrea.org
Office Hours: Monday through Friday
08:30 AM - 05:00 PM

County Treasurer's General Information


If you have an escrow account (taxes and insurance included in your payment) with your mortgage company, you SHOULD NOT receive real estate taxes on that property from our office.

All mortgage companies are responsible to supply us with a complete list of all escrow accounts. Due to the high volume of transfers and selling of loans, we do not always receive the most up-date list from the mortgage companies.

When the tax statements are ready to be mailed, we pull out all loan company requests first. The remaining statements are mailed to the property owners.

 If you happen to receive a tax statement that is paid by your escrow account, please forward it IMMEDIATELY to your mortgage company. DO NOT PAY THIS FOR THEM.

 If you have any questions regarding this information please contact the treasurer's office, (405) 273-0213.


Taxes are due and payable between November and December 31st. Please check your tax statements IMMEDIATELY upon receiving them to make sure everything is correct and that you have received all of your statements.

If you enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope, your receipts will be mailed back to you.

You have the option of paying all or half. If you choose to pay half of your taxes, they must be paid by December 31st, and the second half is due by April 1st. If you have not paid your taxes by December 31st, penalty accrues at 1 ½ percent per month until taxes are paid in full. Penalty on second half starts April 15th and accrues at 1 ½ percent per month until taxes are paid in full, up to 18% per year.

Please keep in mind if you pay by mail, we receive thousands of payments during the month of December. Therefore, your check may take some time to clear the bank. This is due to having a staff of five people and we work up the mail in between waiting the counter.


By now I am sure you have noticed on your tax statement a breakdown of your tax dollars.

By law we now have to print this on everyone's tax statement. This is to inform the taxpayer, as to how much you contributed to the various county entities. Each school district has a different levy.

Information about Assessor's Office

The Pottawatomie County Assessor determines property values and provides notification of valuation. If you have any questions concerning your assessment, please contact the County Assessor's Office at (405) 275-4740.


The October delinquent list is still published but due to changes in law, we no longer have an October Certificate Sale.

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